Son-con – Vol. 12 Ch. 01

“Hmm, hmm,” Gerald looked at Freya, who was in front of him humming. Freya had her hands clasped behind her back. When Freya is this happy… Actually, when she has a rare moment where she is this happy, she clasps her hands behind her back. She walked across the marble floor dressed in her white … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 12 Ch. 00 (Prologue)

“Miss, do you have anything you have to do tomorrow? Your mother has plans and wants to talk with you.” The young girl sat up from her bed and then touched her ears. She looked at the maid carrying in a drink and replied, “Hmm? No. I am off tomorrow. I don’t have any plans. … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 50

I looked at the majestic palace before me. I was truly quite shocked. The designer must’ve poured all of his heart and soul into designing this palace. I think he’ll be revered for ages even if this is the only design he comes up with his entire life. This structure was basically a Notre Dame … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 49

“Ling Yue, I’ve, actually, always had a question I wanted to ask you.” “What?” Ling Yue looked at Evelyn who was next to her. She smiled and asked, “What is it Queen of the North? What did you want to ask me?” Evelyn looked at Ling Yue and asked, “What exactly do you like about … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 48

“Prepare to detonate!” Freya looked at the tall mountain in front of her and bit down on her lip. According to the scientists, they could blow up a large boulder at the top by detonating an explosion underground. These mountains weren’t linked. To the contrary, they were similar to a collection of wooden towers. It … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 47

I genuinely want to make a trip back to Hilles City. Mommy Elizabeth is there. Some strange things happened between us when I left and I still remember it like it was yesterday. I don’t know why I did that back then, myself. ‘Was it an impulse of the moment on my part or do … Read more

My Yandere-Succubus Daughter is Mommy-Warrior’s Natural Enemy – Vol. 01 Ch. 50

It’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to purchase pretty clothes here, since the city focuses on plainness, and black and grey robes. There cannot be goods if there is a lack of demand for them. The people here don’t wear extravagant clothing, so they won’t have that sort of material. However, I never intended to … Read more

My Yandere-Succubus Daughter is Mommy-Warrior’s Natural Enemy – Vol. 01 Ch. 49

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have not held the Fire Torch Festival in many years. This is also Lord Veirya’s first winter here this year. As the lord, Lord Veirya will ensure you obtain your once enriched life and peaceful environment. I hope that you can all prepare well, spreading joy throughout the entire town. I … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 46

“Nier, where is Mommy Elizabeth?” “Her Majesty?” Nier raised her head up from my chest. She clasped my face and replied with a smile, “Her Majesty has returned to Hilles City. She is the Empress, after all. Her Majesty definitely has her own work, so she probably won’t come to Troy City for some time. … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 45

It doesn’t take long to return to Troy City from Duargana. I also returned as fast as I could. I didn’t inform my citizens of my return, but when I entered the city, people gradually rushed to the side of the streets to throw flowers at me and loudly welcome me home. These people were … Read more