Release Schedule

I’m keeping it simple for now, and going to go with what allows me to be most consistent.

I will be going from volume to volume of each series. Here’s an example to make it easy to understand:

  1. Vol. 1 of Son-con -> Completion -> Put it on Hiatus
  2. Vol. 1 of Martial King’s Retired Life -> Completion -> Put on Hiatus
  3. Rinse and Repeat

I will be releasing one chapter per day from Monday-Thursday (Australian time).

Once we hit Patreon goals, I’ll have consistent releases on Friday and Saturday too on top of sponsored chapters. And as we progress, two chapters on some days.

Sponsored Chapters

I will only take on 3 sponsored chapters WEEKLY for now. If you sponsor a chapter and I can’t fulfill it during the week, we can push it over to the next week and give it top priority or I’ll be happy to just refund you.

All sponsored releases will be published on Friday-Sunday (my time), before Patreon goals are achieved.


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