Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 4 Ch. 17

Editor: Areth Kyntaul   Search for Lord Shan Shen The air smelt like three-day-old dog shit; dry and astringent. His Machesty stared at me for a long time before smiling helplessly, “No wonder why Yiren said you are a man without restraints and cannot be viewed with common sense. She said you are unpredictable, and … Read more

Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 4 Ch. 16

Editor: Areth Kyntaul   The Emperor Asked Me for a Favour “Send Ming Feizhen in!” “Coming! Coming! Coming!” I suddenly appeared in Jinluan Hall. I slid in, creating white dust resembling steam due to the friction between my boots and the floor. I ran like the wind the entire way and made it in time … Read more

Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 4 Ch. 15

Editor: Areth Kyntaul   The Gold and Silver Sect Encounter a Monster During Their Visit This traces back to what happened twelve years ago. Back then, the land was at peace. The emperor decided to go on a tour far away. He brought along people who were almost invincible. Said people were two of the … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 9 Ch. 22

“Madam Freya… It was my mistake… I should not have peeked into his majesty’s bedroom… so can you please come out and eat something…?” “Stay away from me!” Freya shouted from inside the room. It looks like she’s still just as angry after an entire day had gone by. She hadn’t left her room once … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 9 Ch. 21

People danced wildly at night. It was time for the fireworks Freya spoke of. The fireworks of this era aren’t as spectacular as the modern day fireworks, but they still create the same atmosphere nonetheless. After all, it’s a rare sight for people of this era. Like with the elves, you need to burn up … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 9 Ch. 20

I once attended a Spring harvest festival at Luna’s hometown, but that was more of a trap than it was a festival. This time, however, things were just absolutely wild. This was also the first business opportunity for all of the merchants who came to this city, so all of the food vendors brought out … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 9 Ch. 19

“Here, onii-sama.” I looked at the mask Freya handed me. I hesitated for a moment before asking, “What’s this?” “A mask.” I know it’s a mask. This mask can cover up your entire face, so you’re basically going to have to identify people by their lips once they’ve worn it on… I looked at the … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 9 Ch. 18

“Troy City’s festival, huh… Mommy must take part then.” Mommy Elizabeth looked at me. From the bed, she turned onto her side and then patted the spot next to her, which was a signal for me to come over… ‘I swear to the heavens I didn’t go over to her because I could see the … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 9 Ch. 17

The crisis this time was avoided, albeit me having to pay a somewhat big price. However, we got instant results from it. My two moms won’t fight in my presence again so we’ve avoided a war between the two races. I’ve almost finished what I needed to finish during my stay here, so I should … Read more

Son-con – Vol. 9 Ch. 16

“Nier, have some tea.” Lucia courteously handed Nier a cup of tea. Nier looked at Lucia and the cup of tea in her hand vigilantly. She coldly asked, “What, are you trying to poison me?” “No. What are you thinking? We’re both His Highness’s wives. I couldn’t possibly do something like that.” Lucia gave an … Read more